How Powerlift Hydraulic Doors are Constructed & Installed
  1. Door Quality
  • Our door frames are composed of skillfully welded tubing members. With over 20 years of proven durability through some very nasty storms, you can trust our door quality!
  • We use high quality, self-lubricating bushings in all of our hinge points. This provides the door with an incredibly strong and hingedurable hinging system. Our hinges are made with a heavy duty, extremely strong knife and blade construction with a solid pin that makes them maintenance free, never need greasing and will last forever!
  • Our trusses are engineered for each individual door. On all of our wider doors warranting extra strength, we fabricate customized webbed trusses.
  • Cane pins are available on any door that needs extra protection from high winds.
2.   Power Units
  • Our power units are designed and engineered from the ground up specifically for a lifetime of use on a PowerLift Hydraulic Door. The units are outfitted with high-quality motors and high efficiency pumps. Our custom engineered pumps have numerous field tested safety devices.
  • Our pumps are designed to be highly efficient. Through rigorous engineering, we are able to provide our customers with a reasonably compact pump that is still able to provide plenty of power.
  • We size our pumps to your specific needs.
3.   Advanced Engineering
  • Each PowerLift Hydraulic Door is engineered using SolidWorks engineering software no matter the size.
  • Through its engineering process PowerLift can account for any special engineering requirements such as wind load specifications, special sheeting requirements, etc.
  • Engineering specifications are available for every PowerLift Hydraulic Door.
4.   Features and Options
  • If electrical power is interrupted to your door’s pump unit, our standard feature PowerLift Hydraulic Doors are installed with the convenience of hydraulic couplers that allow our systems to easily be operated with a tractor, skid loader or other equipment with hydraulic power. Simply connect your equipment to our system and operate the door using your equipment’s hydraulic system.
  • For added convenience, our optional remote control system allows you to operate your door without leaving your equipment. The system comes with two high quality, durable transmitters and can be included on any new PowerLift Hydraulic Door!
  • We can custom paint any door to match your building.
  • We can attach wooden nailers to our steel frame work. The wooden nailers have the advantage of allowing your contractor to use standard screws to attach your sheeting like the rest of your building. The wooden nailers also help to lower the amount of cold transfer since the sheeting will be attached to non-conductive wood instead of highly conductive metal.
Reputation and Service
  1. Reputation
  • PowerLift Hydraulic Doors continue to be recommended by the nation’s top building companies for all the reasons shown on this facts page.
  • Our pursuit of the highest quality and service has developed our reputation. Our customers have shown it by referring us to their neighbors and friends, many of whom become repeat customers themselves!
2.   Warranty
  • We back our product with our unmatched warranty that covers your door structure for the lifetime of your building.  If any problem arises, your installing location will promptly resolve the issue and make sure that you’re happy with the result.
3.   Installation
  • Every PowerLift Hydraulic Door is delivered and installed by highly trained, skilled installers.
  • On new buildings, we will work with your building company to make sure that your door is the perfect fit for your building. Working together, we will take all the headache out of the process!
  • On existing buildings, we will measure, build and install the right door for your opening. We will make sure that the process is as carefree as possible.